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MS meds and their side effects. Ahem. I’m sorry, I meant to say, “disease modifying therapy”, as it’s not really changing my disease — just maybe changing the course. Changing the amount of damage my MS does to me. We think. So, MS being an autoimmune disease and everything, the meds do strange things to […]

Sorry for the lack of posts… I’ve had WordPress issues on both of the browsers I use (Firefox and Safari), and between both of my jobs, the new business, and taking care of my health, there’s little time to keep checking back to see what works when! Anyway. About a month ago, when I had […]

A few days ago, my biology classes and I talked about cell division, which led into a discussion of cancer. Some students mentioned that, if they had cancer, they’d take “any treatment available” in order to prolong their life. I didn’t want to belabor the subject, but I mentioned that I’ve experienced some harsh treatments […]

Which I lived to tell about. I think. The day is still not over (yes, I’m writing this on Monday 2/2–forgive me), and I considered going back to a medical facility to deal with lingering side effects. Wait, what? Unfortunately it pretty much comes down to a medical assistant who was friendly, kind… and seemed […]

Today’s the day! After an aborted try with Tecfidera (due to awful upper GI side effects) last October, and previously giving up on injection site reactions, I’m finally restarting an MS drug. I’ve been off since then, and no new disease activity… how’s that for good clean livin’? I’ve had to wait until today because […]

This is the first of my (many) upcoming posts to educate people about what MS is, and what it means to have MS. I’ve seen many other blogger’s posts about “this is what it feels like to have MS” and, honestly, many of them are very negative. I’m lucky in that I have a lot […]

While as this point, there is still no cure for MS, there are several disease-modifying drugs (DMDs) available. Most of them slow down the rate at which our immune system destroys our myelin (the protective layer around our nerves), as well as delay the onset of another exacerbation/flare-up. (Hence, most DMDs are targeted at the […]