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forge your own


You know what they all say… right? We’re always told to not let anyone else make our decisions for us, we’re told to choose our own path… because in the end, we can only create our own happiness. And I sincerely believe that. I have my own edit to this, based on life experience. And […]

If you’re a rock fan, and you’re not hiding under a rock, you’ve certainly heard this story by now: Dave Grohl Plays 4th of July Show With Broken Leg From Throne Granted, I’m a fan of the band, but this… this embodies the spirit of can-do, wouldn’t you say? If you don’t know about Dave, […]

What is the American dream? What is your dream? Career? Lifestyle? Think about it… What do you really want out of life? I’m being a bit abstract… but watch this space. 🙂

About the other day… yesterday, in fact. I was at the gym, hefting around some heavy weights (chest-pressing with 35 lbs in each hand… not bad for an MS patient “pushing 41” in a few months) and had a brief chat with a guy, I’m guessing mid-50’s. He said something about the doctor wanting him […]

Yeah, it’s been a week since I’ve said anything. Work has eaten my life, including on weekends–getting to the “planning every second” point on weekends, too (because workouts are important to me, as is prepping most of my own food) In just over two weeks, spring quarter will be over at the school where I […]

the final day


Today marked my final day of lecture on the college campus where I teach. I’m giving finals over the next three days, but I only need to sit and proctor (and then grade and calculate). In fact, I just finished writing the last exam. This morning, I “brain-dumped” an overview of the immune system, having […]