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I’m never satisfied anymore. I always have to work harder. Go more. Now… this involves a healthy level of pushing myself. There was a time in my life when I wasn’t “good enough” and I was self-destructive. That was a lifetime ago, and I’m proud to have overcome those years. But complacency isn’t the way […]

go do it. now.


A few weeks back, I was at the gym lifting weights, and the Olympics were on in the background on the TVs… (and I thought, hm, week 2 of the Olympics, and here’s my first glimpse. Huh. And likely my only.) Most of my fellow lifters were slowly curling… pause… watch TV… curl again a […]

we are lucky…


Here in the Pacific Northwest, we’re always complaining about our chronic, constant rain. (But we never carry umbrellas. How silly is that? It’s a Seattle thing…) But reading the news this entire winter season–how so much of the rest of the country has been pummeled over and over and over by snow and ice and […]

Attitude is everything. At my MS fundraiser, during one of our brief band breaks, I was approached by two women who told me they’d been diagnosed with MS over a decade ago. Their attitudes were poles apart. They both appeared to be middle-aged, 50-something. One of them, you’d never know she had a chronic disease. […]

Another lesson I’ve learned from MS, the great teacher: to keep my strength, I need to lift heavy at the gym. There’s a trend in gym fitness classes toward endurance-based strength training. For most people, ain’t nuthin’ wrong with that. (Though I’d love to see most people balance this with some short sets of heavy […]

Not an easy topic to talk about… but I really want to. I see a lot of people as “victim” personalities these days, you know what I mean? I’m overweight, it’s not my fault, I’m going to WHIIIIIINNNE about it so much ’til I ostracize my entire social network… OK, not everyone’s that bad about […]