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video part deux


Again, sorry for the silence these days… I suspect a torn tendon in my right thumb and wrist. It slows things down, eh? I made a second promo video for my fundraiser, which is now in less than a week! Watch me… laugh a while… pass it on, please! and enjoy. 🙂 The Second Dance […]

(Sorry for the post slowdown.. my right hand is very injured right now, and typing is a little awkward… doing what I can!) But! I made a promotional video for my upcoming Dance MS fundraiser. And I youtubed it! Please watch… it’s crazy/goofy, but it’s ME! This is the true me as seen by my […]

Hey y’all, check this out: This is a 10-minute short film that’s been nominated for a handful of awards. It’s the story of a new young couple and an MS diagnosis. I won’t tell you the end… you’ll need to watch. But I think a lot of us with MS have experienced what this young […]

And get a heck of a lot more out of life! Depression is everywhere. I see so many gloomy faces. It always makes me wonder… what’s wrong with everyone? (Then again… people think I’m WEIRD for being all happy-faced much of the time! Seriously, it’s not drugs… I just always have something to look forward […]

Got 5 minutes? And a clean carpeted floor? Good! That’s all you need for this! If you have MS… or if you have a busy life… (I see you out there, sheepishly raising your hand) there’s a tendency for hunched posture. (Those of us with MS, moreso, as we lose strength in the stabilizing spinal […]

In the past year, I’ve noticed a significant drop-off in my body’s strength, in so many categories. (Mind you, there were three months in spring and early summer that I really couldn’t exercise due to multiple abdominal surgeries, which may have been the real culprit…) I’m trying to address that from a number of angles. […]

So many of us with MS have trouble with coordination every now and then… or a lot… I have good days (where I’m totally coordinated!) and bad days (where I walk like I’m drunk…) so I figure coordination is a skill I should work on maintaining. One way to do this is through DANCING! Now, […]

Check out this video I recently came across–it’s targeted at arthritis relief in feet and ankles, but believe me, it also provides benefits for MS folks: I found it a few days ago, because something I did (probably in my workouts) caused some spasticity in my right shin, foot, and ankle that just didn’t want […]

(hopefully I’m not the only one who remembers that song) So, in my posts, I talk a lot about feeling good, having energy, and not experiencing many symptoms. Here’s where I admit to you that I do have the occasional rough time. I am going through a rough patch right now. I don’t think it’s […]

No… not that. But some days, it kinda feels like it… When I noticed a heightened sense of smell a few months back, I thought I was having a “different” day. In a sense, I was. But I’m not the only one to notice a change in my sense of smell with MS. In fact, […]