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Despite my last confused post about whether or not to continue my MS drug, I still carry on with eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, to get my vitamins in me naturally. I like playing around with different smoothie combinations. (And — my nutrition students have found an interesting article from not too long ago: […]

A lot of us minimize sugar in general, and many of us are pushing for it in the new year (resolutions, new year’s goals, whatever you wish to call it). I shared a simple recipe with my students last quarter that I’ve found on a few web sites. I don’t remember the exact sites — […]

I write a lot of science-heavy posts, and heavy posts in general. I thought I’d lighten things a bit… and answer some prompts I’ve read on a few other people’s blogs. Join in, in the comments, if you want to play! 🙂 Lately I’ve been making… I’ve been really into a variation of this Triple […]

Have you done it? I feel like it took me SOOO long to jump on this trend. But it’s all over the place, on Pinterest (where I have an account but I visit only a few times a year when I need a random idea), blogged about all over the place… Here’s the idea: Mason […]

You are probably not surprised to hear that I use smoothies as a way to get a lot of produce into me. And, I put spinach and/or kale into them… really, you don’t taste them, and if you haven’t had a green smoothie yet, do it! What’s the risk? 🙂 Today, I put together a […]

OK, I love being in my 40’s. I really do. Even though it’s just a number, I somehow feel empowered to speak my mind even more… (yes, even more than I did in the past…) But these hormonal issues are (insert curse word here)ed up. I recently visited a doctor who told me that my […]

pi day recipe!


So, in full nerd spirit, I had my annual Pi Day Party yesterday. We had a full living room! 🙂 Lots of Pi’s. I always encourage people to bring a mix of food so that we can actually eat dinner, but alas, we still had a bunch of dessert. (I have to laugh: a math […]