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While as this point, there is still no cure for MS, there are several disease-modifying drugs (DMDs) available. Most of them slow down the rate at which our immune system destroys our myelin (the protective layer around our nerves), as well as delay the onset of another exacerbation/flare-up. (Hence, most DMDs are targeted at the […]



Some of the recent buzz in the MS disease-modifying therapy community (fancy term for “drug”) is the release of Tecfidera, the trade name for BG-12, a few months ago. This is one of the few oral DMTs available–almost all of the drugs we use for our MS are injections. (I could geek out about why […]

Ugh, too much work to post! I’m still alive. At the gym this morning, step class took a LOT out of me. I stayed for the full hour, but it was a struggle. Energy has been lacking. Lots of fatigue recently, some general achiness… I’ve had this achiness a lot over the past week. (Partially […]



In December, I was put on yet another new medication to try and control my (waaaayyy out of control) headaches. I’ve been getting migraines for years, likely unrelated to my MS. I even remember getting migraines back in junior high, but my doctors then said they were sinus related. (Common misdiagnosis. Took until I was […]

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I don’t know if what I’ve dealt with the past few days is a side effect of a medication, an effect of stress (beginning of the quarter) manifesting itself in disease symptoms, or… just having been dehydrated at the end of my trip. The first day of classes (Wednesday), I found myself so dehydrated and […]

I am finishing up a 12-day trip to Costa Rica, my first after my official diagnosis and the barrage of new medications and supplements. I was worried about taking syringes through customs, as well as how my body would react to the stresses of travel and not being able to control my diet. Luckily, things […]

While I was never one of those types who could get by on 4 hours of sleep a night (well… maybe in high school), I’ve generally been fine on long stretches of 6 hours a night… until recently. A major symptom of MS is “debilitating fatigue”, whatever that means. What a vague word. Does it […]

I am one of the many relapsing-remitting MS patients who injects beta-interferon 3x/week (trade name Rebif). It might sound terrible, but it’s really a fine-gauge needle that I barely feel. The first injection was the worst, not knowing what to expect. Now, it’s routine. Because of the side effects that differ for everyone in severity, […]