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It’s that time! There are a few in the blog world, namely Chris Guillebeau, who conduct an annual review at the end of the year — what went well, what did not. Rather than a personal lashing with a wet noodle, I like to use this as a reflection, a recollection of things that actually […]

Today’s the day! We’re all thinking about things we’re going to change in the new year–do better, do differently, some so drastically that the resolution won’t stick beyond two weeks. But I’ve done that post already. So it doesn’t make sense for me to revisit a major list of things to change. (You can think […]

A few days ago, I started writing up my annual review, in the style of a few other bloggers. My first post only addressed travel, which is a high priority in my life. (I’ll admit it also gave me a few days to procrastinate on the other points…) So, what went well this year? Surviving […]

In the tradition of Chris Guillebeau, I’ve been starting to conduct an annual review. What went well this year? What didn’t go well this year? It’s a goalsetting of sorts, but using the reflection as a means of focus and improvement. I’m breaking my review up this year, and starting with one of the biggest […]

It’s September 1st! New month, almost heading into a new school year for me… (we lucky college folk on the quarter system still have a few weeks. Good thing, since I’m still writing course material… what else do you think we do over summer break, eh?) Who here is familiar with Chris Guillebeau? He traveled […]