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We love traveling to exotic places, right? 🙂 What’s in store for this year? Well, we figured we should stick closer to home (ha, closer for us) with a new business and everything. (by the way, check out the website — Daltons Midway Service. If you need car repair about 30 miles north of Seattle…) […]

Today, I finished up a long-time big project… my summer travel blog: This blog outlines our 28-day trip through the Balkans last summer. And I finally finished my write-ups about it! Lots of photography! And as I say in my final post of the blog, the world is our best classroom. It’s not the […]

Looks like we’ll be able to fulfill one of our guilty pleasures this summer… A few summers ago, we roadtripped through part of the Southeast US. We vowed we’d get back to a few places. First off, we fell in love with the Outer Banks (North Carolina beaches) — just a little bit touristy, just […]

goals for 2016


I’ve been pondering this post a lot, so much so that I’m only just writing it now. Many of us have lofty ideas of who we want to be and what we want to do… or at least hopefully we do… (No goals in life? Give it some thought…) I have a lot of things […]

It’s that time! There are a few in the blog world, namely Chris Guillebeau, who conduct an annual review at the end of the year — what went well, what did not. Rather than a personal lashing with a wet noodle, I like to use this as a reflection, a recollection of things that actually […]

This is an awful trend I’ve been noticing in my life… I’ve been developing fears. Some justifiable, others not. And they’ve been piling up enough that I wonder what’s going to happen next. Especially since all of my life threatening medical concerns of last year, I’ve had the “live life with no fear” mantra, but […]

Yes… it’s been nearly a month since I posted. Between fundraiser (successful! more later), quarter starting (too much in addition to my other job), and dealing with medical things (also more later), I am in above my ears. Oh, and there’s a new business, too? There’s another future post. All of this activity, and to […]