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A few days ago, I had a one-month follow-up with my naturopathic team. They were very pleased with my decrease in symptoms, but I attributed that to my staying the course. They seemed amazed at my dedication to the exercise, my (meager) dietary changes, etc–but as I told them, if I find minor tweaks that […]

Yea or nay? There are all sorts of supplements that you can buy to aid your immune system–echincacea was one of the first herbal supplements. Elderberry extract is now a commonly-used supplement to “support” or “boost” the immune system. (With the lack of FDA regulation for dietary supplements, combined with patent issues for natural products, […]

I’d say the answer is… NOT, for those of us dealing with chronic pain. I was lecturing on alcohol use and abuse not too long ago to my health class. I found a great youtube video on hangovers, and how to deal with the effects. It specifically said to replenish B vitamins, but to avoid […]

Many of us with MS get chronic pain, often chronic migraines. I’ve been suffering with chronic migraines for years… (researchers haven’t yet figured out if MS causes the migraines, or if migraines put a person at higher risk for MS… at least last I read…) I’ve also read, frequently, that migraine sufferers are often magnesium […]

Or… is this what I think I’m feeling? Anyway, we (those of us with MS) all know that muscle spasticity is a common symptom. It’s defined in the books as “hard, rigid muscles”, but while medical practitioners will often take that at face value, I’ve had other experiences that I’d define as “spastic muscles” that […]

A few days ago, I visited a new headache specialist. I think I’ve mentioned previously that I struggle with migraines, as well as non-migraine headaches. Pain is so elusive, and there are so many variables contributing to pain, that I’ve gotten several opinions on my pain. In addition, those with MS tend to have increased […]

Back in June (was it?) I started my creatine experiment. Well… I’ll admit to you all: round one was very short-lived, and I’m finally reporting back on that. The guy at the supplement store convinced me that the brand I bought was “easy on the GI tract” and that I wouldn’t need to do any […]

Earlier this year, I started taking kelp supplements. Obscure? Yes. But I was convinced to buy them by my local supplement store as a prebiotic, since I was taking probiotics (note the one-letter difference). I take a probiotic to support my immune system and hopefully get it functioning more properly. Prebiotics are anything that supply […]



Experimenting with supplements again. (Oh, if my nutrition students only knew what I do behind the scenes…) When preparing for a lecture on the creatine phosphate system (it’s a molecule that provides us with additional short-term energy for very intense exercise) I remembered that bodybuilders often take creatine as a supplement, to give their muscular […]

An open letter to those with loved ones or acquaintances dealing with an MS diagnosis. Last Tuesday, after band rehearsal, I was chatting outside with a bandmate and let him in on my still-relatively-new diagnosis (6 months this Tuesday). He seemed stunned and told me he didn’t know what to say, was “thinking of something […]