middle of night spasticity?


Or… is this what I think I’m feeling?

Anyway, we (those of us with MS) all know that muscle spasticity is a common symptom. It’s defined in the books as “hard, rigid muscles”, but while medical practitioners will often take that at face value, I’ve had other experiences that I’d define as “spastic muscles” that I haven’t had prior to MS. While my muscles don’t get hard and rigid, I’ll have a day or two where my left quads (which have been notably weaker) will spasm at the drop of a hat. It’s definitely easy to blame every oddity on MS, but I think this is a pretty clear-cut MS symptom.

There have been several mornings that I’ve awakened with my torso and back feeling totally out of sorts. As someone who practices yoga and Pilates like crazy–sometimes multiple sessions per day to keep my body in alignment–this sounds odd. But the muscles on one side of my mid-back will be so rigid that I can’t bend over (other than at my hips) right after I get out of bed. (Luckily, some gentle movement changes that.) Unfortunately on the worse days, this is a migraine trigger for me.

So I wonder–do I have spasticity in my mid-back/thoracic muscles in the middle of the night? And, how can I change this? (Maybe I need to increase my magnesium intake, which is already a hair above the official Tolerable Upper Intake Limit? It’s an experiment to try…) I suppose a solution would be to set my alarm clock every two hours for a stretch “break”……… or maybe not.


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