magnesium, I presume…


Many of us with MS get chronic pain, often chronic migraines. I’ve been suffering with chronic migraines for years… (researchers haven’t yet figured out if MS causes the migraines, or if migraines put a person at higher risk for MS… at least last I read…)

I’ve also read, frequently, that migraine sufferers are often magnesium deficient. Magnesium deficiency can be a cause of chronic migraines. When I first heard this years ago, I took the recommended (to me, by my nurse practitioner) dose of 400 mg daily. It helped significantly.

Years later, when I started teaching nutrition and talking to students about upper limits of vitamins and minerals recommended by the FDA on a daily basis, I was surprised to see that the upper limit of magnesium for women was listed as 350 mg per day. Really? Not that 50 mg per day is much in excess of that, but I’d been taking it for years with no ill effect… I don’t think. And I still do.

I think I’d know if I were suffering from magnesium toxicity–symptoms apparently include arrhythmias, really low blood pressure, and extreme things like that.

Recently I saw an infographic listing other signs of magnesium deficiency, which also lists weak, thin fingernails (check) and insomnia (yes, but I think I have other causes). Does this mean I’m still magnesium deficient? I’m wondering what would happen if I added another 50-100 mg or so daily, if it would improve on my upper back spasticity and my regular headaches.

Just food for thought…

4 Responses to “magnesium, I presume…”

  1. You make a good point regarding safe doses of magnesium. Research will often differ with an optimal dose. I take 300 per day for leg spasticity. This was recommended from a naturopath. It’s helped. Hope it helps your back spasms!

    • I haven’t started with this yet, since I have so many things going on in my life that might give me the shakes (throwing a party, putting together a fundraiser, dealing with mentally disabled students…) Too many variables! I’m already on 400 per day per my own research…

      • I can appreciate your decision with everything that is ongoing right now! Your plate is definitely full! Pace yourself. Enjoy and take good care! 🙂

  1. 1 magnesium, I presume… | My journey after 50

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