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Almost nine weeks ago, I had surgery to repair a ruptured ligament in my left (non-dominant, luckily) wrist. You may recall that I also receive infusions (Ocrevus) which deplete my immune system, to ward off future MS attacks. And, my students have been sick in droves the past few weeks. What do all of the […]

going back.


So… I’m in the process of restarting Rebif. Yeah, I though I’d sworn off injections, too. Gilenya was destroying my immune system… 6? or was it 7? upper respiratory infections this year, and my white cell count was consistently low. I finally said NO MORE earlier this summer… and decided to go drug-free during my […]

Hey… yes, I’m still here. My workload actually got lighter last week, which was my last teaching week of the quarter, but my brain was circling in a million different directions… burnout at work, etc. I’m still here–really, I am. 🙂 Recently, I had a 6-week follow-up after starting Gilenya, and all seems to be […]

Yea or nay? There are all sorts of supplements that you can buy to aid your immune system–echincacea was one of the first herbal supplements. Elderberry extract is now a commonly-used supplement to “support” or “boost” the immune system. (With the lack of FDA regulation for dietary supplements, combined with patent issues for natural products, […]