creatine follow-up


Back in June (was it?) I started my creatine experiment. Well… I’ll admit to you all: round one was very short-lived, and I’m finally reporting back on that. The guy at the supplement store convinced me that the brand I bought was “easy on the GI tract” and that I wouldn’t need to do any cycling (2 weeks on, 2 weeks off) because of that… but even 1 1/2 weeks into a moderate dose of the supplement, and I wasn’t doing so hot.

I was even taking so low a dose of the supplement (1 pill instead of the suggested 1-2) that, when I woke up with bloating and serious abdominal cramps 1 1/2 weeks into taking the creatine, I had no idea what was going on. After 2-3 days of that, I stopped the creatine. Two days later, no more bloating/cramping. Hmmmm…

I didn’t really notice any muscular gains, nor did I notice any energy gains while working out, either. Not the best time, as it was my last week of teaching then leading into giving and grading finals. (There’s never a “standard” week in the life of a professor…) I do take a pill in the morning every now and then, but if I don’t take it multiple days in a row, what’s the point? (I don’t know if there’s any benefit?)

Anyway, before I get back to teaching fall quarter again, I might try another two weeks solid of the pills again, to see if it produces the same side effect.


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