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Earlier this year, I started taking kelp supplements. Obscure? Yes. But I was convinced to buy them by my local supplement store as a prebiotic, since I was taking probiotics (note the one-letter difference). I take a probiotic to support my immune system and hopefully get it functioning more properly. Prebiotics are anything that supply […]



Experimenting with supplements again. (Oh, if my nutrition students only knew what I do behind the scenes…) When preparing for a lecture on the creatine phosphate system (it’s a molecule that provides us with additional short-term energy for very intense exercise) I remembered that bodybuilders often take creatine as a supplement, to give their muscular […]

An open letter to those with loved ones or acquaintances dealing with an MS diagnosis. Last Tuesday, after band rehearsal, I was chatting outside with a bandmate and let him in on my still-relatively-new diagnosis (6 months this Tuesday). He seemed stunned and told me he didn’t know what to say, was “thinking of something […]

Murphy wrote the rulebook of my life. Most recently, I say this because the relapse that sent me to the doctor–and, in the end, got me diagnosed–started two days after booking a trip to Costa Rica. We leave tomorrow night. Of course, I’m thrilled to go someplace new and to get out of town (35 […]

There are as many theories about how one can potentially improve their MS symptoms, or even reduce numbers of lesions, as there are residents of Manhattan… that said, MS is a very individualized disease. Even within the category of “relapsing-remitting”, some of us have frequent relapses, while others go years. Some have constant background symptoms, […]