Experimenting with supplements again. (Oh, if my nutrition students only knew what I do behind the scenes…) When preparing for a lecture on the creatine phosphate system (it’s a molecule that provides us with additional short-term energy for very intense exercise) I remembered that bodybuilders often take creatine as a supplement, to give their muscular system an additional reservoir of this energy… so I thought, would this be a supplement for an MS patient with weak muscles to take, someone into lifting weights? I have noticed atrophy…

A quick Google search showed that current formulations of creatine are indeed safe for the body, but as I recall from previous quarters’ lectures, sometimes no results. At this point, I’m willing to take the risk of just losing money as long as it’s safe for the body… I found a small (sample size = 16) study that was done on MS patients, and the results looked “promising” but they couldn’t conclude anything with such a small sample size.

So, I lift 5-7 days a week (depending on how busy I get) and I’m trying out a low dose of creatine to see how I do… hopefully I’ll notice some benefit soon! Either way, I’ll report back…


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