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I think? I’m becoming more and more open about having MS. In fact, when I gave my “opening speech” as MC at the fundraiser, I had little problem talking to the audience about my diagnosis, which made me nervous in the past (says the career public speaker). So, here I am, slowly starting to open […]

Spring quarter has ended at my college! WOOHOO! And I don’t teach there in the summer… that means I get a break from that job! I remember when I was in college, I thought that the teachers has the cushy, easy job. And some of them do, no doubt, if they teach the same way […]

Yeah, it’s been a week since I’ve said anything. Work has eaten my life, including on weekends–getting to the “planning every second” point on weekends, too (because workouts are important to me, as is prepping most of my own food) In just over two weeks, spring quarter will be over at the school where I […]

Behind again… first week of classes (and teaching something new) along with husband’s birthday! Time moves so fast–I’m always thinking I have a few more posts saved for all of you, and then I check to see how far behind I am–ack! Once upon a time, when I was a New Teacher almost 15 years […]

(taking a break from your previously-scheduled MS content to be teachery for a moment.) I teach at a downtown community college. We get quite the range of students: returning to school, a large international population, students just coming back from drug addiction and/or homelessness, high school students earning college credit… and often in the same […]

Well, you certainly need a little, but… lemme explain. Case study, here. There’s a student on the college campus where I teach who’s about 10 years younger than I am (early 30’s). Two years ago, she was in my nutrition class–she was very bright, but every day was gloom’n’doom. Waaahhh, another day closer to my […]

These days, I try to leave my students with an inspirational last 10-15 minutes (or so) lecture. Often has to do with a personal story. This time, I didn’t have any personal struggle or tragedy to talk about–which I suppose is good–but the inspiration was more of a challenge. I came up with something in […]