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boxing time


Time to put on the gloves, right? Not quite… Actually, there are quite a few web sites that describe “time boxing” strategies to help with time management, such as this one. Meaning, if you struggle with multiple tasks, set aside a certain block, or “box”, of time to check your email, and that’s it for […]



Some days, it feels like I’m always waiting… Waiting for the migraine drug to work. Waiting for the anti-nausea drug to chase the migraine to work. Waiting…. to live. Can you relate? Do you know what it’s like? Some times, you wait… and nothing comes of your waiting. Aside from disappointment. Disappointment in yourself, that […]

Why?? you ask. Last I saw my MS specialist, as well as my regular primary care, for my headaches (which were pretty darn out of control), they both suggested I see a locally-renowned headache specialist at University of Washington. She’s supposedly hard to get into, but has insight like no other, I’m told. (Wonder if […]

The past few months, I’ve been in and out of my regular urgent care/walk-in clinic for pain issues, primarily migraines. I experience several days of migraines in a row… then they clear up for maybe a week… then it all starts again… before and after my December trip, I had a few that led me […]

Recently, my migraine situation has gotten out of control. My usual meds (Maxalt) don’t always relieve the headache. I get clusters of several severe ones like I haven’t for years. I’m thrilled if I ever go a full week without a migraine (then, I’ll have four days in a row–proof that they involve hormonal swings, […]

I’d say the answer is… NOT, for those of us dealing with chronic pain. I was lecturing on alcohol use and abuse not too long ago to my health class. I found a great youtube video on hangovers, and how to deal with the effects. It specifically said to replenish B vitamins, but to avoid […]

Many of us with MS get chronic pain, often chronic migraines. I’ve been suffering with chronic migraines for years… (researchers haven’t yet figured out if MS causes the migraines, or if migraines put a person at higher risk for MS… at least last I read…) I’ve also read, frequently, that migraine sufferers are often magnesium […]

A few days ago, I visited a new headache specialist. I think I’ve mentioned previously that I struggle with migraines, as well as non-migraine headaches. Pain is so elusive, and there are so many variables contributing to pain, that I’ve gotten several opinions on my pain. In addition, those with MS tend to have increased […]

I guess the party is over… I’d always heard about the “flu-like reactions” to Rebif, which is why they suggest injecting it at night so that you can sleep through the side effects. Even the tougher folks I’d talked with, when I started on Rebif last November, told me that when the doctors recommended taking […]



In December, I was put on yet another new medication to try and control my (waaaayyy out of control) headaches. I’ve been getting migraines for years, likely unrelated to my MS. I even remember getting migraines back in junior high, but my doctors then said they were sinus related. (Common misdiagnosis. Took until I was […]