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Today’s the day! We’re all thinking about things we’re going to change in the new year–do better, do differently, some so drastically that the resolution won’t stick beyond two weeks. But I’ve done that post already. So it doesn’t make sense for me to revisit a major list of things to change. (You can think […]

Have any of the rest of you in the MS (or other chronic disease) world had problems scheduling appointments with practitioners, because it’s assumed that “with your condition” you’re not working? (I’m the one in our relationship with the more stable employment…) My MS specialist/clinic is wonderful. They’re great at working with my work schedule. […]



Some days, it feels like I’m always waiting… Waiting for the migraine drug to work. Waiting for the anti-nausea drug to chase the migraine to work. Waiting…. to live. Can you relate? Do you know what it’s like? Some times, you wait… and nothing comes of your waiting. Aside from disappointment. Disappointment in yourself, that […]

eat real food.


Recently, in my nutrition class, it came to my attention how much people are still concerned with calories. Yes, I have a limited sample (mostly 18-22 year olds), but it’s a fair representation of people who are coming of age. I’ve been trying to impress into them the idea that if you eat real food […]