scheduling appointments.


Have any of the rest of you in the MS (or other chronic disease) world had problems scheduling appointments with practitioners, because it’s assumed that “with your condition” you’re not working?

(I’m the one in our relationship with the more stable employment…)

My MS specialist/clinic is wonderful. They’re great at working with my work schedule. But there have been several other places that only work with neuro disorder patients that don’t seem to understand when I tell them that I don’t have a longer chunk of time available, or that it’s hard for me to take a day off, or that I can’t be in a waiting room several hours because I planned a 9am appointment to work around teaching a 12pm class.

I’ve had to postpone my initial dose of Gilenya (the new MS drug I’m trying) because the initial dose requires monitoring in a medical office (for side effects) for 6+ hours after I take it. It was initially thought that I could go to a clinic that’s open on Saturdays, but that’s not the case–it has to be done between 8am and 5pm, Monday through Friday. My fall quarter classes center around noon, so that’s out of the question until winter quarter… when, luckily, my schedule was arranged to have Mondays off.

But if I hadn’t had the Mondays off… I suppose I would have had to take sick leave? (And I would have “played sick”, since I’m still not “out” at work.)

Hopefully this is the only time I’ll have to deal with needing a full day off…


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