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Or that’s what I like to think. Y’know, when I was back in college (graduated 20 years ago), it was the rare case that we found cheaters when I was a TA. Mayyyybe we didn’t catch them, maybe they were smarter at cheating… But this quarter, among the 45 students left standing in my two […]

(taking a break from your previously-scheduled MS content to be teachery for a moment.) I teach at a downtown community college. We get quite the range of students: returning to school, a large international population, students just coming back from drug addiction and/or homelessness, high school students earning college credit… and often in the same […]

eat real food.


Recently, in my nutrition class, it came to my attention how much people are still concerned with calories. Yes, I have a limited sample (mostly 18-22 year olds), but it’s a fair representation of people who are coming of age. I’ve been trying to impress into them the idea that if you eat real food […]