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Did you know… that there’s a whole world of exercise videos on youtube? And that a number of them don’t require any equipment… therefore they can be used while traveling??? As I leave my happy place today (sigh) and get ready to return home tomorrow, I reflect on three weeks of travel. It’s impossible to […]

pilates and ms


Out of date… But I found an article I was saving from 2012 (OK, now I can get rid of it, I’m writing about it) out of one of my fitness professional magazines, talking about all of the benefits of Pilates for MS. I think I am a testimony to that one… But the article […]

A few years ago, I taught at a Pilates studio that had a rehab-oriented clientele. (Geek-out work for me! I love this type of problem-solving.) One of my clients had chronic lower back problems–both pain as well as a structural issue. (I won’t bore you with the biomechanics.) When I chose exercises that might challenge […]

The following article came through my feed today: Eight Reasons Why Pilates Is Great Exercise For Someone With MS Now… I could be snarky and say that Pilates can help you learn how to count (the list skips 3, so it actually only contains 7 reasons) but, as someone who is a Pilates instructor in […]

sewing machine


No, I haven’t taken up a new hobby! This is the name of one of my favorite (easy!! low-impact!! quick!!) exercises to improve the stability of your shoulder joint. In MS, we tend to slowly lose our muscle mass, so our joints will become less stable over time. But we aren’t the only ones with […]

Now that I’ve worked with hypermobile bodies (my own!) for a bit, I’m realizing a possible connection to MS. One of the unfortunate consequences of MS is that we tend to lose muscle mass. If any of us have any predisposition toward joint hypermobility, losing more muscle mass will just make things worse: I’m not […]



Ah, another (kind of) science geek moment…….. Most of the patients I work with (I also teach Pilates/functional exercise at an occupational therapy clinic) have a lot of tightness, mostly from poor ergonomics, poor posture, poor everyday movements. (Like so many of us…) But they have a handful of patients who, for a variety of […]



The ever-elusive balance… in life, activities, work… etc. But I’m talking about literal balance. That thing that those of us with MS tend to lose, as our muscles get weaker and our nerves don’t fire so well. And… when our balance starts to go, we walk around on a snowy or icy day, and… BAM, […]

Just a few days ago–Friday–I came home from work, got something to eat (I was ravenous), and… thought, I ought to go to the gym and lift, but….. I can just do some Pilates at home, right? Hm. So what is it I want to keep on doing? Not only do I want to maintain […]

Chronic achiness from running, over ten years ago, led me to try out Pilates and yoga. I don’t run so much as I used to, but I believe in the magic of these two practices, as the “duct tape holding my body together”… some days, more than others. I believe, especially, that Pilates can be […]