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Currently, I am on a train between Haifa and Tel Aviv, Israel, while writing this post. (Writing on my phone, too; usually I’m much too old-fashioned for that, and I insist on writing on my laptop. Hooray for my adoption of technology!) In a few minutes, at least in this time zone, it will be […]

I just don’t stop… do I? My husband and I have been involved in local community theater for a while. We’ve helped out a small group with a small budget, that is run almost entirely by volunteers. Yet Edmonds Driftwood Players manages 9 shows per year, plus other activities. I’ve volunteered in the box office […]

… of which I have many — there are so many cool things to do in life — but if I mention my ideas, aren’t they more likely to be accomplished? Right? I see so many people of all ages who are aimless… no goals in life… they go to Dead-End Job that they hate, […]

goals for 2016


I’ve been pondering this post a lot, so much so that I’m only just writing it now. Many of us have lofty ideas of who we want to be and what we want to do… or at least hopefully we do… (No goals in life? Give it some thought…) I have a lot of things […]

42 by 42


In a few days (on the 5th), I will be 41 years old. I never get upset about my age. It is what it is, right? Instead, I use these time-landmarks as a way to set new challenges for myself. I’ve been thinking of setting 42 goals for myself by my 42nd birthday, just about […]

Slightly off-topic… but who cares. 🙂 This video was the clear favorite of my students this past quarter: Water Bear Don’t Care It’s a rap about an incredible tiny organism that can survive in extreme conditions, even outer space! Highly recommended. 🙂 And now that I’m officially done with the quarter (including giving four zeroes […]

Hey! It’s just after the first of the year (Happy New Year, btw), and you all are ready to make a change, right? (Well… reality is… why wait ’til the first to make a change? Set your own “first of the year” anytime to make a change! But I digress…) It’s the way of the […]

why not?


In light of the new year, goals, etc… I have a thought. Throughout my life, I’ve had lots of ideas that have been squashed because “that’s not the way it’s done” or “it just doesn’t work that way”. We’ve all heard that, right? I’ve started pushing back with… why not? (Of course, it takes more […]

Last time, I talked about Chris Guillebeau’s new book about setting quests for yourself, seeking life improvement, so on and so forth. What if you can’t think of anything to accomplish? Well… that’s part of what this book is about, to inspire you, to give your creativity a good shove. And what some of these […]

In a few short weeks, I’ll be hitting new territory–a new decade! Most people fear and dread it… I see new opportunities and challenges! I’ve done a lot of goal setting for this year, and during this year… and just as expected, sometimes things don’t turn out as planned. In fact, I think I did […]