glad i chose the other pain management route.


Why?? you ask.

Last I saw my MS specialist, as well as my regular primary care, for my headaches (which were pretty darn out of control), they both suggested I see a locally-renowned headache specialist at University of Washington. She’s supposedly hard to get into, but has insight like no other, I’m told. (Wonder if she takes alternative care into account. I still don’t know.)

Anyway, I got both of these referrals in early January. A week passed, and I decided to become more forward–called the clinic myself to schedule the appointment. “Oh,” they said, “we just got your referral a few days ago. And it takes at least a week (!!) to process referrals. At that point, you’ll get a call back from us to schedule.”


A week later, I got a letter in the mail telling me the same thing–to be patient, while they’re processing my referral. Now, I understand I’m not the only one dealing with chronic pain and seeing her for this issue, but… really?

Shortly before I received the letter is when I started working with the naturopath group. Since then, my symptoms have improved greatly. (Not gone away entirely, but reduced by a good 50-60%. That’s HUGE.)

And you may have guessed…. NO, I have not yet received any sort of contact about making a phone call with said specialist.

(I’m also struggling with the same system to schedule my current follow-up MRI–also requested back in early January, caught in referral hell. How many phone calls from me does it take… Ah, the new medical system!)

2 Responses to “glad i chose the other pain management route.”

  1. December and January were migraine crunchers for me. I have also really started to pay attention to which way the wind blows- a wind out of the south seems to affect me more. Like you I also went to my gp-who suggested a trial of amitripiline, 10mg. to see if that would help since the maxalt – I may have the name wrong – would crush the migraine-but I can only take once a week….I have eliminated all migraine trigger foods, and do some lovely yoga that decreased the headache volume – but in January, I was in total misery – after starting the amitrypiline – I havent had a migraine yet…I feel like miracles are possible!! I also have a neuro appt – in June…and had an eye appointment -where the optometrist confirmed some myelin wear and tear…so was it a flare??? Honestly, I don’t really think about flares or relapses -I just go with the daily flow – but as a fellow migraine sufferer, I am sure you can appreciate my overwhelming joy at no headaches in 15 whole days!!

    • Yes! Hooray for no headaches in 15 days! That is HUGE!
      I take maxalt (the generic form, it’s cheaper) but I was told 2 times, sometimes 3 times, per week. It almost always does the job… though I wonder some days if I’m starting to develop a tolerance to *that* as well…
      Glad you found a preventive! I haven’t tried an antidepressant as a preventive in quite some time, but when I did that 9-10 years ago, still didn’t work. I just think I have so many bizarro hormonal cycles that I’m *finally* figuring out how to work with!
      My husband says I’m finally cheerful again–well, you can probably relate–when you deal with pain on a daily basis, right?

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