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Everything happens for a reason. Or, so say many well-meaning folks. Everything? Really? The random plane crash due to metal fatigue. School shootings. Terrorist attacks. Is there a reason these happen? So, when someone tells me that I developed MS “for a reason”, I cringe. I don’t argue (we all gotta get along on this […]

Dance MS round 4 is coming up! (Poster will be… posted… forthcoming.) But while traveling… and putting a lot of work into the fundraiser while traveling (not to mention my online work)… I’ve decided this will be it. Maybe Dance MS will come back at some point. But not in 2017, or at least not […]

Recently, my migraine situation has gotten out of control. My usual meds (Maxalt) don’t always relieve the headache. I get clusters of several severe ones like I haven’t for years. I’m thrilled if I ever go a full week without a migraine (then, I’ll have four days in a row–proof that they involve hormonal swings, […]