a chronic pain rant.


Recently, my migraine situation has gotten out of control. My usual meds (Maxalt) don’t always relieve the headache. I get clusters of several severe ones like I haven’t for years. I’m thrilled if I ever go a full week without a migraine (then, I’ll have four days in a row–proof that they involve hormonal swings, at least to me).

It’s gotten to the point of jealousy, and that’s bad. I’m jealous of normal people, people who don’t have to worry about whether or not they’re going to be in too much pain to get up for work, to go to work. My job, of course, requires a certain degree of performance, which I can still maintain with a mild headache, but it’s impossible with the degree of headaches I’ve been getting more recently. So, now that I’m back to teaching 5 days a week, I’m really stressed out about having a headache on any of those days…

Most people just complain about going into work in general… being tired… being bored… I’d just love to feel mostly pain-free when I’m doing my job. I’ll take feeling tired…

A few minutes ago, I broke out crying while reading an article someone posted on Facebook–it was about “top things to do in 2014 to easily avoid being a slob”, and it involved the quick, 10-minute clean-ups around the house. These are things that I constantly do when I feel well enough… but otherwise, I end up sitting on the couch, reloading Facebook, hoping that the pain will subside at some point. (Good thing I don’t own that much stuff, or I would truly look like a slob…) Reading the article made me feel so helpless with regards to my pain…

I’m looking down another pathway for some answers, though. More later…


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