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boxing time


Time to put on the gloves, right? Not quite… Actually, there are quite a few web sites that describe “time boxing” strategies to help with time management, such as this one. Meaning, if you struggle with multiple tasks, set aside a certain block, or “box”, of time to check your email, and that’s it for […]

I think I mentioned before that one of my friends down in California was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer in September. She is a wonderful writer, and uses blogging as part of her therapy. Anyway, one of her recent posts struck me as brilliant for living with chronic disease: June’s Post About The Rabbit […]

Some days, those of us with a chronic disease (or, with any other chronic issue) feel ready to give up on life. Take the easy route… whatever that means to you. However, there’s always reason to keep pushing through… Someone else cares about you. Significant other(s), friends, family. They all want us to improve as […]

It really makes me mad. As someone with a chronic disease, whose pain symptoms are getting better but still deals with weakness and fatigue, I walk the few blocks into work and see people standing outside the building who are clearly 50+ pounds overweight, smoking… and they’re around my age, even younger. I think, “you […]