western medicine, I’ve had it with you


The past few months, I’ve been in and out of my regular urgent care/walk-in clinic for pain issues, primarily migraines. I experience several days of migraines in a row… then they clear up for maybe a week… then it all starts again… before and after my December trip, I had a few that led me for acute care above and beyond my current treatment.

I asked my regular treatment team how I could deal with this… and aside from throwing me narcotics (which do almost NOTHING) they eventually told me to see an area-renowned headache specialist.

Ah, but she only works by referral. And, even a week later (today), they have not processed my referral enough to make an appointment. I’m dreading to see what her waiting list is like. Otherwise, everyone else has told me I’m doing “all the right things,” which is not what I want to hear when I’m still experiencing pain (which I swear up and down is linked to hormonal cycles–can’t we do anything about that now?)

So, western medicine, let’s see what other options there are. I’ve been working with some great massage therapists since last summer, and I’ve tried out acupuncture which helped a small amount, but I needed more. Yesterday, I had a comprehensive naturopathic workup by one of the Bastyr guys (local holistic medicine school) and a ew competent students. They have an excellent reputation around here. After over an hour of interview time, they agreed that hormonal regulation plays (likely) a large role for me.

I’m trying out some hydrotherapy (hot/cold shower cycles), paying attention to a few more things in my diet, and keeping a diet log before I see them again in 3 weeks. They also suggested more cardio exercise to enhance circulation…

Anyway, we’ll see how it goes! I’d love to reduce the number of drugs I take…

4 Responses to “western medicine, I’ve had it with you”

  1. Have you tried beta-blockers? My neurologists prescribe these for me and they are helping!

    • That was the first prophylactic prescribed for me… all they did was make me feel run-down and tired (since my bp is normal-to-slightly-low). I don’t remember if they did anything for the headaches… I think it was marginal at best. I couldn’t live with the side effects at all.

  2. i know exactly what you mean! have been thrown nothing but narcs for the last 7 years. then i finally got the refferal i wanted to the pain clinic and i am so happy, they take a holist approach and i have been able to cut my meds down dramatically, using a tens machine, heat pads and freezer med packs alternatively, physio, light box treatment for fatigue ( didn’t work but they still tried it), massage, meditation and relaxation and i begin hydrotherapy this week, specifically physio in a hot pool. i have a 12 week group pain management course coming in march and will be seeing my consultant soon to review and see what else can be tried. things are tough but i feel in good hands. i hope you are able to find something to help, migraines can be so debilitating.

    • Awww, man! I feel for you! Some days, I look at the rest of the world and think, “c’mon, what do YOU have to complain about?” on those days I’m in worse pain… but then I take a step back and try not to be so self-absorbed. 🙂 Everyone has their “thing”… unfortunately some of us have more “things” than others.

      Hydrotherapy, eh? I just started on some of that myself… (and you’ll be interested in my next post)

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