headaches and ms


A few days ago, I visited a new headache specialist. I think I’ve mentioned previously that I struggle with migraines, as well as non-migraine headaches. Pain is so elusive, and there are so many variables contributing to pain, that I’ve gotten several opinions on my pain.

In addition, those with MS tend to have increased frequency of headaches, migraines and likewise. Add to that my neck injury from a car accident last year, and… you can only imagine my luck with chronic headache pain.

However, I’ve developed several strategies–successful ones–over the years to help reduce my pain. Your mileage may vary, because, again, headaches are very individual. Hopefully I can help.

  • Taking 400 mg magnesium glycinate daily. It’s been hypothesized that migraineurs are magnesium-deficient, and I’ve been supplementing daily for years. Even a few days after I started, I noticed a difference. And magnesium glycinate, not citrate, I hear is more easily absorbed by the body.
  • Drinking ginger tea. Ginger is a well-established natural anti-inflammatory. Regular consumption of ginger tea may not only help your headaches, but other conditions influenced by chronic inflammation (other autoimmune conditions, hypertension?)
  • Drinking enough water. Dehydration is a classic migraine trigger, so make sure you have enough pure water in you. Sometimes just drinking a large glass of water partially relieves my headache.
  • Massage. Check your health insurance to see if you have massage covered, and then ask around to find someone good at treating headaches. (Note: it probably won’t be a relaxing massage, as they will do some intense release around your neck and shoulder area. But it’s effective.) If not, grab the cylindrical foam roller at your gym, lie on your back and place the roller under your neck perpendicular to your spine. Gently turn your head from side to side, which will release the muscles in your neck and the base of your skull.
  • Meditation. Stress is a known headache trigger for many people, and meditation is a well-known stress-reducer. If you don’t know how to get started, here’s a post I wrote on beginning meditation.
  • Restorative yoga, for similar reasons to meditation. Restorative yoga involves more gentle stretches, which may release some of the tight areas in your body which trigger your pain. Here is a nice therapeutic yoga sequence to help relax your body.

Other than massage, all of the above are free or inexpensive to try. Hopefully one or more of my home remedies will give you some relief–if not from headaches, maybe your overall stress will reduce!

I’d love to hear anyone else’s home remedies for headache pain…

5 Responses to “headaches and ms”

  1. I have found having my lower legs, ankles and feet massaged helps to ease the pressure. 🙂

    • Hm, interesting! That’s a new one for me, but I believe the entire body is interconnected and I like to treat it holistically, so I’ll have to try that one sometime! It could stimulate blood flow back to the heart… or hit just the right acupressure points… (here I go, trying to logic things out 😀 )

      • Same here! There are pressure points especially in the back of the calves and feet that are connected to the head in some way. It doesn’t relieve all the pain with a migraine but it definitely helps!

      • (definitely a limit to the reply cascade in this theme… ???) Going to have to try rolling out my calves with headaches! Wouldn’t that be interesting if it gave some relief…

  2. If you ever have headaches that are triggered by smoke, dust, pollens or even certain scents, my book has a very inexpensive remedy to stop the reaction before the headache sets in. See http://www.howtostopcolds.com

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