the lies we tell ourselves


We all do it…

I set a bunch of goals for myself several months back. I have to say, I’ve been doing pretty well with most of them, which is admirable considering I work every weekend and most nights.

The one that I really let slip, however, about a month ago, is my daily meditation. It started the day of my fundraiser, when I had so much running back and forth that I just didn’t have time. One day without meditation. I meditated every day the following week, but since I ended up meditating shortly before bed so often, I kept on thinking… “why don’t I just go to bed?”

Which led me to try to meditate earlier in the day. But that also wasn’t happening frequently enough. At this point, I think I’m getting about 3 sessions per week…

Which is an improvement from the 1 session per week I was getting toward the end of November. I decided to step it back up when I noticed a decline in the quality of my sleep, again.

You see, I’d been deceiving myself. I’d been telling myself that I “didn’t have time” for ten minutes of meditation a day… when, all along, that ten minutes would save me quality of sleep in the end. I had been lying to myself.

Now, I don’t always have time for a daily meditation, but I’ve realized it’s worth it to take ten minutes during some of my relatively-less-busy days in order to improve my rest… because it will improve my productivity. And I may end up getting those ten minutes back!

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