breaking the silence


Recently, I “came out” about my diagnosis to one of my social groups. I’d say about half of them already knew from one-on-one conversations over the past year, but as I’m planning a fundraiser involving this group (ooh, news! more later), I figured they all had to know. I’m close with several members of the group, and at least friendly with all of them.

Since then, no one has really treated me any differently. And that’s good, right?

Well… yes and no. I’m the same Brooke I was last month (since I’ve had MS for a while–they just didn’t know). But as an educator–a science educator who is keen on breaking down stereotypes–I’d love to have open conversation about the disease, honestly.

Yeah, most people don’t want to talk about their unfortunate situations. I’ve talked with a few other MS patients who are sensitive about it. Perhaps I’m different. I figure, how is the public going to learn about the disease unless people who experience it daily–like me–are willing to talk about it? (Especially someone who knows the human body as I do.)

So, if you’re one of my friends, fiends, acquaintances… and are reading this, please don’t hesitate to ask questions about my disease. Don’t worry if it’s a “stupid” question. Remember that MS is an elusive disease and that many scientists still don’t have the answers to even the most basic questions, so I don’t feel that anything is stupid…

Other than, perhaps, refusing to ask in the first place. 😉


3 Responses to “breaking the silence”

  1. 1 thisjerseygirlinla

    Good luck with your fundraiser! I recently did the same and “came out” to everyone I hadn’t already told. Rip the band aid off! xo

    • Hi, Thea! Thanks so much for the virtual support! I’d love to “come out” to everyone, being an exercise and nutrition specialist, because I feel I can be an advocate for the MS world. But, all of my jobs are contract-based, and despite ADA laws, I’ve felt a little bit of heat from workplaces when my news has unintentionally slipped. Sigh. I feel more able than most well people, and yet my label places me in a category. We’ll see what happens over the coming years and if I just go totally public anyway…

  2. 3 thisjerseygirlinla

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