who’s still here?


I am… maybe?


Definitely! (Sorry, biology nerd.)

So, I haven’t posted here in a few years. However, my disease has changed, in a big way. MS used to be just a label — something I’d occasionally think about, mostly when filling out paperwork when visiting a new doctor. At that time, I barely had any symptoms — just some mild (MILD) disability that remained from my first 2012 relapse.

And you know, I’d gotten blase about it. Cocky, in fact. I thought that I was “immune” from major progression, because I didn’t smoke, rarely drank, exercised, ate well… (checked off most of the “good clean livin'” boxes)…

Then, my aggressive disease (as I’d been told it was, when I was diagnosed) actually proved itself. I was traveling, in early September 2017, literally on the other side of the world. (South Africa and Swaziland… excellent places to visit, despite my medical problems) I was hospitalized in Cape Town. I thought I stabilized — I was wrong. I was hospitalized here in Seattle again. I went from someone who was doing pushups and burpees the day before the trip, to nearly losing my mobility and independence when I returned.

I overcame it all (because that’s how I roll) and started on one of the strongest possible drugs to prevent future relapses. But just a few weeks ago, one of my routine MRIs showed a hint of possible new activity in my spinal cord… even on such a strong drug (complete with strong side effects).

Which leads me back here. I have been drawn to write again, about aspects of my journey. Partially so my facebook feed won’t be clogged with lengthy MS-related posts (ha), but also because, after the past two years, I want to use my position as a physiologist, educator, and MS patient to educate. I don’t know how frequently I’ll write (hopefully once a week), but in addition to the “it’s going to be OK” or the “X is a better drug than Y” hand-wavey explanations you see elsewhere, I want to tell you WHY.

Knowledge is power! (Science knowledge is MORE power!)

Be well.


2 Responses to “who’s still here?”

  1. 1 Steve Yool

    Yep, you’re still here, and still kickin’ butt! ❤

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