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Happy summer! We may be a bit heat-sensitive (find your A/C!!), but the opportunity for natural vitamin D is here, with bountiful sun! Have you ever experienced serious adversity and thought, “hey, I could inspire others! Why don’t I write about it?” Sure, we have. I did (having spent two weeks in a university hospital […]

Just when I think I’m so in touch with my body… I had felt strong, with just the little bit of fatigue that I’d developed with MS (aside from the migraines and the nerve pain… but who knows the relation with that… I digress…) So when my most recent MRI showed new disease activity, I […]

Shortly after my diagnosis (defined by the only flare-up that I’m aware of), I started worrying about overall loss of strength. Of course–who wouldn’t? The first thing I thought, after the end of that flare-up, was–“good! No more current damage happening to my nervous system, I won’t have any more loss of strength than I […]

You may remember my last post, where I rattled on and on, bragging about how I use my diet and exercise to keep my MS at bay? Well, a few days after that ER trip, still feeling tight in the chest without illness, still elevated heart rate consistently, feeling faint… I thought: what if I’m […]