semi(maybe?)-promising remyelination research?


If you have MS, or know anything about the nervous system, you may be familiar with myelin.

Comparison of normal nerve transmission vs. an MS patient

Bottom line–myelin is the “insulation” on the nerves, as they send information from our brain and spinal cord out to our muscles. For those of us with MS, the myelin is partially degenerated, due to the immune system having attacked the myelin (for unknown reasons), so the electrical signal through the nerve is not so robust. After a while, the exposed nerve also deteriorates.

So, you can imagine the excitement whenever we see reports of potential research toward remyelination… right? Current MS therapies only reduce inflammation, which reduces the immune system’s frequency of attacks–so, what’s been done in the past will not be recovered. But many research groups are working on myelin repair, which is one of the big Holy Grails in the MS world.

For instance, this article from a few months ago talks about potential off-label use of a few drugs for myelin repair. It’s still early-stage research, though; and one of the lead researchers says that the side effects might be so great that the therapy is rendered useless.

In any case, I keep my eyes open whenever I see reports of myelin repair research, and I’m trying to gear my fundraising efforts slightly toward this effort as well…

2 Responses to “semi(maybe?)-promising remyelination research?”

  1. 1 Steve Yool

    Hi my dear. I couldn’t link to the paper for some reason, but found some promising info re MRF-008 at 🙂

    • I think that some of the MRF’s research could be game-changing… moreso than the MS Society. This has been a dilemma for me: I’ve been wanting to fundraise for the MRF and groups more of the research nature (especially given my background), but given name recognition, I feel like I *have* to raise money for the MS Society in my event/auction. (I think they’re all 501(c)3’s for that purpose, but… the MS Society name recognition helps bring in the money. I’d just rather send money twd more research than patient services.)

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