public perception of ms


Clearly, we have a long way to go.

A few days ago, I got a message from a friend who was in the ER, waiting for an MRI of her spine. She’d lost some function in one arm, and (given her public health background) all she could think of was MS. She’d already had a normal brain MRI, though.

Following up a day later, there were no MS lesions on her spine, but there was a tumor–perhaps due to the spread of her previous skin cancer. Which was disturbing… but I found it even more disturbing that she seemed more blase about skin cancer having spread, than about the possible idea of having MS. And this is someone with a little more education in the health field!


OK.I wasn’t thrilled about my diagnosis. And perhaps the scariest thing about MS is its unpredictability–you can do all you want to prevent symptoms, and–BOOM! one day, you’ll feel weak for no particular reason. But for many of us, we canuse diet, exercise, hydration, and proper sleep to mitigate our symptoms. (Yes, it’s a drag that I do need 7-8 hours in bed each night. But that’s my new life.)

Anyway, based on the interaction I had over the past few days, I now know that I want to dedicate some upcoming posts to MS education, so that y’all aren’t so scared off by it. 🙂

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