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Looks like we’ll be able to fulfill one of our guilty pleasures this summer… A few summers ago, we roadtripped through part of the Southeast US. We vowed we’d get back to a few places. First off, we fell in love with the Outer Banks (North Carolina beaches) — just a little bit touristy, just […]

have fun.


Just about an hour ago, I was working one (of many!) volunteer shifts at our local community theater, and I met a couple who was new to volunteering at the theater. They were a youthful, fit, probably mid-50’s. They talked about having totally revamped their diet recently. No sugar, no wheat, no dairy. Occasional meat […]

forge your own


You know what they all say… right? We’re always told to not let anyone else make our decisions for us, we’re told to choose our own path… because in the end, we can only create our own happiness. And I sincerely believe that. I have my own edit to this, based on life experience. And […]

Despite my last confused post about whether or not to continue my MS drug, I still carry on with eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, to get my vitamins in me naturally. I like playing around with different smoothie combinations. (And — my nutrition students have found an interesting article from not too long ago: […]

MS meds and their side effects. Ahem. I’m sorry, I meant to say, “disease modifying therapy”, as it’s not really changing my disease — just maybe changing the course. Changing the amount of damage my MS does to me. We think. So, MS being an autoimmune disease and everything, the meds do strange things to […]

I just don’t stop… do I? My husband and I have been involved in local community theater for a while. We’ve helped out a small group with a small budget, that is run almost entirely by volunteers. Yet Edmonds Driftwood Players manages 9 shows per year, plus other activities. I’ve volunteered in the box office […]

A lot of us minimize sugar in general, and many of us are pushing for it in the new year (resolutions, new year’s goals, whatever you wish to call it). I shared a simple recipe with my students last quarter that I’ve found on a few web sites. I don’t remember the exact sites — […]