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Yes, it’s happening! On Saturday, November 2nd, the West Seattle Big Band will be performing a fundraising show for the MS Society. I have been the band’s piano player almost 10 years, and the rest of the group is kindly supporting me with this show. The event will last from 7-10pm (despite what the website […]

Welcome back to the first week of classes (at many colleges)! 🙂 And based on reviews I get from students, I’m clearly doing what I’m supposed to do. I’ve taken breaks from teaching now and then, but I’m always drawn back. (And no… I’m not a pushover, either. One of the quarters I got better […]

After all, you only have one life to be authentically YOU. Whatcha waiting for? I was thinking about this recently while playing a show with my band. In the days prior, I’d been making decisions to step out and be myself a little more frequently (within reason…). Now and then, as the piano player in […]

Hmmm… somehow, wordpress published two of my posts today, and I only had one scheduled. I guess you guys get multiples! Sorry to flood the inbox once again…

Over the years, as a yoga practitioner and a Pilates instructor, I’ve noticed changes in my balance. Of course, I now link a worsening balance with my body’s progression into MS, but now that I know what’s going on, I can address my specific issues. Aside from your basic “stand on one foot” balancing exercise–which […]

Remember when I came back from the east coast trip at the beginning of summer, when I said I had a “challenging re-entry” to my normal routine? I was so worried that my body wasn’t handling travel well anymore, and travel is sacred to me, something I really enjoy. I figured that somehow, I’d learn […]

Chronic achiness from running, over ten years ago, led me to try out Pilates and yoga. I don’t run so much as I used to, but I believe in the magic of these two practices, as the “duct tape holding my body together”… some days, more than others. I believe, especially, that Pilates can be […]