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pilates and ms


Out of date… But I found an article I was saving from 2012 (OK, now I can get rid of it, I’m writing about it) out of one of my fitness professional magazines, talking about all of the benefits of Pilates for MS. I think I am a testimony to that one… But the article […]

it’s on!


Hey! Friday night, the 19th, was opening night! At Driftwood Players in Edmonds, we opened Neil Simon’s Proposals, which I am producing. Fantastic actors and a wonderful director for this show! If you happen to be in Seattle, come see my show, for sure! We have two more weekends running after this one. So, please […]

If I could count the number of times I read or hear the victimization attitude… well, I don’t have that amount of time in a day to count that high. “I’m late to bring my assignment to class because traffic was late. Not my fault!” “My car insurance rates are so high because I got […]

obsessing much?


So, I’ve been prone to obsessing. It’s like… my own FOMO. If you’ve been through massive life-changing experiences, you might get this. But I’ve had this “I only have how many good summers left in my life?” playing through my head ALL the time. And I keep on doing the math on how many good […]

OK, I’ve had it with this crap. Last week, I had my second infection of the year, and we’re only 7 weeks in? I used to never get sick. This was the “very contagious” stomach virus that went around. I actually kept a change of clothes in the car, just in case. (Yes, I still […]

Today, I finished up a long-time big project… my summer travel blog: This blog outlines our 28-day trip through the Balkans last summer. And I finally finished my write-ups about it! Lots of photography! And as I say in my final post of the blog, the world is our best classroom. It’s not the […]