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I write, so of course, I read… when I can. I get all of this feed delivered to my inbox, and… let’s get real: there are so many days that I have to push it aside and work on course content instead, or grade papers, or… something that needs to be done. (See? This is […]

Since my MS diagnosis almost 3 years ago, and especially since my scary abdominal surgeries and complications last year (cancer scare + complications to surgeries that nearly killed me–literally), I’ve been taking the bull by the horns and doing meaningful things in life. Sometimes, that means going quite a bit out of my comfort zone. […]

You are probably not surprised to hear that I use smoothies as a way to get a lot of produce into me. And, I put spinach and/or kale into them… really, you don’t taste them, and if you haven’t had a green smoothie yet, do it! What’s the risk? 🙂 Today, I put together a […]

Shortly after my diagnosis (defined by the only flare-up that I’m aware of), I started worrying about overall loss of strength. Of course–who wouldn’t? The first thing I thought, after the end of that flare-up, was–“good! No more current damage happening to my nervous system, I won’t have any more loss of strength than I […]

Taking a moment to update everyone on my life… Last spring and summer (and part of the fall), I worked for an online school as well as the “brick and mortar” school where I’ve worked for three years. (I’m also potentially up for a small promotion there! Meeting to be held in a few weeks, […]