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Life is far, far too short to take yourself too seriously. I realized, yesterday, that this is one of the reasons I really like going to A’s Zumba class on Saturday mornings. Typically, I’m more of an athletic type than a dancey type; but when I started going to her class and realizing that my […]

no running away


Most days, I have dreams of escaping, going on vacation. Now, it’s most likely because I feel like I’m drowning in work and want to go somewhere where I can take a break from that, but… at some deeper level, maybe I want to escape to a place where I have a fully-functional body (since […]



In December, I was put on yet another new medication to try and control my (waaaayyy out of control) headaches. I’ve been getting migraines for years, likely unrelated to my MS. I even remember getting migraines back in junior high, but my doctors then said they were sinus related. (Common misdiagnosis. Took until I was […]



The past few days have started a new experiment for me. Based on what I research, my body is my laboratory. Within reason, of course. I have read anecdotal evidence of others eliminating gluten from their diets and rebuilding myelin. (Some of these people have also eliminated dairy, caffeine, sugar, and… what else is there […]

best exercise?


Finally back here–I spend a crazy amount of time trying to stay ahead of work, so that I can spare a few moments as I need them (like earlier today) when my body just crashes (yeah, Body, I’m talkin’ about in the shower today when I felt like I could no longer stand up from […]

I remember back when I started running. Oh, I ran a whole lot. But I didn’t tell that many people about it. It was 1997. I was about to start my third year of grad school and gave longer-distance running a try, as an escape from academia. But, I was still plump, by a good […]

side effects


I don’t know if what I’ve dealt with the past few days is a side effect of a medication, an effect of stress (beginning of the quarter) manifesting itself in disease symptoms, or… just having been dehydrated at the end of my trip. The first day of classes (Wednesday), I found myself so dehydrated and […]