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Almost nine weeks ago, I had surgery to repair a ruptured ligament in my left (non-dominant, luckily) wrist. You may recall that I also receive infusions (Ocrevus) which deplete my immune system, to ward off future MS attacks. And, my students have been sick in droves the past few weeks. What do all of the […]

If you have a chronic illness, between flareups, fatigue, appointments, and just managing the little things, working a regular job is a challenge. Yet… somehow, I manage to maintain 115% workload between two schools during the academic year (during the summer, I’m at just under 50% with one). And I maintain my health? How? Online […]

So, I have “relapsing remitting MS”. Or… is it “relapsing MS”? This one’ll take a while before the community will accept the semantics difference. Let’s explain. The majority of MS patients (including me) have a variety called RRMS (as I mention above), where relapses of disease activity occasionally pop up. Sometimes things return to baseline, […]