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i am grateful!


Happy Thanksgiving! west … which is a phrase you will hear and read many times today devoid of any feeling. We have lost the true $pirit of many of the holidays. And I don’t mean that we have to get religious… We all have much to be thankful for… My body has carried me through […]

I’ve talked about goal-setting a lot here, and I’ve recently taken a bigger picture viewpoint of the things I want my body to be able to do, long-term. (Aside from waking up each morning, putting one foot in front of the other, the givens… or at least I assume they’re givens) I’d love to not […]

The more I go through life making change, the more I realize the influence of a simple positive attitude. One of my high school friends–who will remain unnamed–talks about big changes he wants to make, all sorts of big talk, on Facebook. He hasn’t directly mentioned the charities he’d like to support, but based on […]

I often hear folks asking how they can make a difference in the world… I did so recently, inadvertently (in a positive way!). Looking back, I realize that I took a risk and told a personal story, put a bit of my personal life in the public eye–but this helped one of my students a […]

Attitude is everything. At my MS fundraiser, during one of our brief band breaks, I was approached by two women who told me they’d been diagnosed with MS over a decade ago. Their attitudes were poles apart. They both appeared to be middle-aged, 50-something. One of them, you’d never know she had a chronic disease. […]

Huh. Now, this is interesting… but not entirely unexpected. Over the past 2-3 weeks, there have been multiple factors keeping me away from the usual hard workouts, and have been cutting down my workout hours: first, my knee and hip started hurting a lot, and I decided to lay off for a week or so […]

I’d say the answer is… NOT, for those of us dealing with chronic pain. I was lecturing on alcohol use and abuse not too long ago to my health class. I found a great youtube video on hangovers, and how to deal with the effects. It specifically said to replenish B vitamins, but to avoid […]

Talkin’ ’bout my FUNDRAISER! Whoa–successful beyond my wildest dreams! Last Saturday night, we took over the West Seattle Senior Center and played three hours of music to a crowd of about 100 attendees. I had no idea that so many were going to come! But thanks to wonderful publicity such as this piece, published in […]

And it has nothing to do with that recent I-502 we passed here in Washington State… I don’t think I’m any more productive than I was ten years ago. However, I think that most folks are less productive than they were ten years ago… The culprit? Digital distractions. It’s something I’ve been thinking for quite […]

Not only that, I wanted to make a splash during my 40th year, and I’d say this is something pretty significant! Tomorrow night!!! Come on down to West Seattle and join us, the West Seattle Big Band, for a night of swing. Toss in a few bucks ($15 is the suggested donation) to help with […]