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Thanks to Chris Guillebeau, some of us in the internet world conduct a personal annual review. Here, we ask ourselves what went well this year and what didn’t. You might be thinking–maybe I don’t want to run my life like a business. Fair enough. There’s a time and place for overanalyzing your life, and then […]

A fitness colleague with MS pointed me at this article not too long ago: Aerobic Exercise May Maintain Memory Skills In MS Let’s face it, many of us face memory issues. (Though, so many days, I wonder if it’s true memory problems as a result of my disease, or just having too many things on […]

Yea or nay? There are all sorts of supplements that you can buy to aid your immune system–echincacea was one of the first herbal supplements. Elderberry extract is now a commonly-used supplement to “support” or “boost” the immune system. (With the lack of FDA regulation for dietary supplements, combined with patent issues for natural products, […]

The local MS Society chapter was wowed by the $1600+ that I raised last month! Woo hoo! And, of course, I’m thinking about all sorts of changes for next year. One of the big changes I’m thinking of making, since I anticipate being able to raise more money, is a minor change in destination for […]

You know what stuns me? (aside from, probably, a stun gun. that would probably stun me.) I’ve been trying to find people who do research on the effects of nutrition on MS, aside from the standard potential effects of vitamin D consumption. I’ve had an idea for a Fulbright research proposal (where a faculty member […]

We all do it… I set a bunch of goals for myself several months back. I have to say, I’ve been doing pretty well with most of them, which is admirable considering I work every weekend and most nights. The one that I really let slip, however, about a month ago, is my daily meditation. […]

(This one applies whether or not you have MS. Read on!) So many people are trying to “find their passion”. If only they could “find their passion”, life would be all rainbows and unicorns, cats and dogs would get married, we’d never hear another Miley Cyrus song… (OK, maybe I’m pushing things) But that’s the […]