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boxing time


Time to put on the gloves, right? Not quite… Actually, there are quite a few web sites that describe “time boxing” strategies to help with time management, such as this one. Meaning, if you struggle with multiple tasks, set aside a certain block, or “box”, of time to check your email, and that’s it for […]

Just over a month, I am holding this event here in Seattle: It may be called DanceMS, but you don’t need to dance… you are welcome to sit and listen, and chat with friends! It’s a great time to gather with your community and have some fun. I happen to be the piano player for […]

There is a certain social media platform these days where, just by the click of a button, you can show your favor just by saying “like”. The universal thumbs-up. Just a few weeks ago, when we traveled internationally, it occurred to me just how universal the thumbs-up has become, thanks to Facebook (whereas, in some […]



Routine. It sounds so… bleah. Bo-ring. But if you break the routine for too long, what happens? At some level, it can be good. After all, staying in a rut can be hard on us mentally and physically. If you do the same workout over and over, every day, you will never make improvement. (Change […]

If you haven’t been following my schedule to the letter… today culminates or 28-day tour of the Balkans (at least the Western region–Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Montenegro). Tomorrow, we fly home. I’m glad to say that I didn’t have any major health mishaps (I did eat a little too much dairy from time to time, and […]

One of our stops on this month-long trip was a few locations in Bosnia (Sarajevo and Mostar). For those of you who are old fogeys like us, you may remember the breakup of Yugoslavia into independent countries in the early 1990s… mainly defined by religion. As one of our tour guides told us at one […]

Yeah, I know. Life is tough, right? Waahhh. But I mention this as a warning, for those of us (you?) who ever travel long-term, say, three weeks or more. Looking back, we typically don’t travel more than three weeks, especially a trip in an area so different from home. This trip, in total, is 28 […]