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While going through a lot of medical problems–while going through any problems–there are always people who want to help. (I assume that many people want to help. There are probably a few who merely want recognition. But I’m generally optimistic and will assume that most people mean well.) I have been both on the receiving […]

…or, eating healthfully at all while on the road. So, so tempting on my recent road trip in the South to load up on everything around me: fried this, barbecue that, sweet tea until my eyeballs float… which is totally OK to do every now and then. But after the first few days of our […]

There’s a theory that keeping our minds active “keeps us young” (whatever that means), but it’s also clear that it helps fend off neurological problems such as MS. But how to keep our minds active? I know several who read trivia, or do crossword puzzles. Me… I can’t help but think that’s not really productive. […]

Just saw a trailer for a new movie about Stephen Hawking which will be coming out in a few months: New Stephen Hawking Movie Now… I’ll admit to not buying into all of the hype about the guy, in general. I think a lot of the reason people think he’s so brilliant is his mere […]

that was quick.


A few days ago, I was trying to decide between new MS drugs (or, disease-modifying therapies, as we call them, since they only slow progression…) And I did 15 minutes of research to figure it out–or at least to figure out one to try. I think I’ll try Tecfidera (the newest one) first. It’s a […]

Hm. This is an odd one for even me, the nutrition geek. For days now, the thought of anything sweet makes me nauseous. I want to overeat almost anything salty or savory. Could it be lacking electrolytes? (despite taking my daily magnesium supplement) So bizarre. I’m still trying to figure it out… I’d go a […]

I think I’m about done with injections… unfortunately. Rebif has been working out for me. It has kept me relapse-free. My symptoms have been minimal. So why change? I feel like such a wimp when I say this, but… too many injection site reactions. A few days before leaving on our trip (end of July) […]