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(taking a break from your previously-scheduled MS content to be teachery for a moment.) I teach at a downtown community college. We get quite the range of students: returning to school, a large international population, students just coming back from drug addiction and/or homelessness, high school students earning college credit… and often in the same […]

For the first time in my life… I’m having issues with consistent high blood pressure. I’m usually just within normal range… normal is 120/80, and I’m typically just below, roundabouts 115/70 or so. Just fine–not too low. Then, I started taking this new (to me) MS drug, for which one of the side effects is […]

A few years ago, I taught at a Pilates studio that had a rehab-oriented clientele. (Geek-out work for me! I love this type of problem-solving.) One of my clients had chronic lower back problems–both pain as well as a structural issue. (I won’t bore you with the biomechanics.) When I chose exercises that might challenge […]

I’m finally linking this up with social media… In Search Of My New Normal on Facebook Like my page! Tell your friends! 🙂 I do let readers know of select posts, but I also share photos and random anecdotes. It took a while to do this, because I’ve been fearful about “coming out”, as I’ve […]

Happy Valentine’s Day! How appropriate that I write something dealing with both my husband and me… 🙂 A little bit ago, I wrote about how the anti-vax trend has led to the spread of measles, and how that could have bigger consequences for those of us with autoimmune disease and screwy immune systems. Well, my […]

A few days ago, my biology classes and I talked about cell division, which led into a discussion of cancer. Some students mentioned that, if they had cancer, they’d take “any treatment available” in order to prolong their life. I didn’t want to belabor the subject, but I mentioned that I’ve experienced some harsh treatments […]

With the Disneyland measles cases, anti-vaxxers have been in the news a lot. For instance, this article about the measles outbreak talks about several families, some of whom made the decision to vaccinate after the recent scare, and some of whom decided to stick to their guns. The stubborn ones repeatedly argue that their child’s […]