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the fire


I was listening to a business podcast earlier today, in which an entrepreneur was interviewed. One of the recurring themes was that getting her business off the ground wasn’t easy; whenever she encountered a roadblock, she creatively came up with a work-around, even if it took extra effort for the outcome. The host reminded the […]

I used to think I had very little fear. Jumping from heights, OK. That’s a healthy fear I’ve always had. Eating organ meats… maybe a slightly irrational fear. But with what’s been going on recently… I’ve become a lot more fearful of the every day. Fearful of even getting in a car and driving down […]

A few days ago, everything came to a head. Monday morning, I was out running errands before my afternoon college class. I didn’t make it. Waves of the worst crampy abdominal pain sent me to the closest ER. I couldn’t even walk upright by the time I got there. (but I emailed the school to […]

OK. In the last installment, I talked about having my second noticeable MS flareup ever. I think I was wrong! The methylpred did very little to help me (just made me really hyper). I was back in the doctor’s office with the same symptoms again! And paid a visit to the naturopathic clinic. Who has […]

You may remember my last post, where I rattled on and on, bragging about how I use my diet and exercise to keep my MS at bay? Well, a few days after that ER trip, still feeling tight in the chest without illness, still elevated heart rate consistently, feeling faint… I thought: what if I’m […]

On a recent visit to the ER (sigh, yes again, scary post-op symptoms rearing their head, all seems fine) I, of course, am one of those who gives a detailed history to the staff. (Physiology teacher… you expect it, right?) So, before they discharged me, one of the questions that came up: this couldn’t be […]

sewing machine


No, I haven’t taken up a new hobby! This is the name of one of my favorite (easy!! low-impact!! quick!!) exercises to improve the stability of your shoulder joint. In MS, we tend to slowly lose our muscle mass, so our joints will become less stable over time. But we aren’t the only ones with […]