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Have I flipped my high-intensity-interval lid? Whoa. I decided on a new approach recently (and none too soon, as my body suddenly crashed from a buildup of too many HIIT workouts, I guess?). I’ve been going going going for months on high-intensity workouts–even my runs getting me up to 80% maximum heart rate, since my […]

Yes, it can be done! A Danish woman has proven it. This woman spent the past year running a marathon a day and was diagnosed three years ago. Proof that not everyone with MS is relegated to a life of “poor me”s and inactivity! As someone who’s lived in Denmark, I can vouch for the […]



Some of the recent buzz in the MS disease-modifying therapy community (fancy term for “drug”) is the release of Tecfidera, the trade name for BG-12, a few months ago. This is one of the few oral DMTs available–almost all of the drugs we use for our MS are injections. (I could geek out about why […]

A few weeks ago, I saw a new MS specialist who told me, much to our relief, that I tested neurologically and physically in normal ranges. She said I have very “treatable disease”, so with any luck, I’ll stay “normal”. For the most part–yes, I am relieved to hear this news. But what if it […]

Earlier this year, I started taking kelp supplements. Obscure? Yes. But I was convinced to buy them by my local supplement store as a prebiotic, since I was taking probiotics (note the one-letter difference). I take a probiotic to support my immune system and hopefully get it functioning more properly. Prebiotics are anything that supply […]

I’ve learned many life lessons in the 9 months since my diagnosis… I’ve slowly been sharing them with you here, but Benny the Irish Polyglot (one of my favorite bloggers!) summarizes many of the same lessons in a 10-minute video. He doesn’t have a chronic disease, far as I know, but he’s spent the last […]

new specialist


I had been underwhelmed by my original MS specialist… or so I thought, having no basis of comparison. I wanted to try someone new. The main reason I wanted to find someone else was that I’m an active person, and my first doctor was giving me no suggestions regarding how to maintain my activity level, […]

We’ve all fantasized about our ideal place to live at some point, right? Maybe not, for someone with MS: many of us risk flare-ups with heat, or at least worsening of symptoms. (I’ll admit that I didn’t really notice this until our recent east coast trip, where the heat index was pretty extreme. And even […]

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I just created an “about me” page, but apparently this theme doesn’t let the link show up anywhere. So, I’ll do it the old-fashioned way… About me There! Hope it worked!

Late Tuesday night, we returned to Seattle from two weeks on the East Coast… high-school-reunioning, visiting friends, road-tripping to New England… pretty much non-stop. … just to give you a small sampling of what we did. The weather was all over the place, as well, from sunny to humid to thunderstormy… enough to send my […]