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Isn’t that what a lot of us want to do? Make a change. Make our mark. (It’s just that a lot of us don’t know how! What are our tools?) I’ve spent the past 40 years flailing about (well… maybe not all 40. I doubt I was thinking of changing the world in my first […]

Here’s an NPR/PBS story that came out about MS a few days ago: After The Fall: A Young Man Chronicles His Life With MS In the story (and subsequent PBS documentary), this man, diagnosed at age 25 and declining rapidly, has made a film about his attempts at finding ways to improve his condition. I […]

Back when I was initially diagnosed with MS in 2012, my neurologist diagnosed me off of an MRI from 2005. Meaning… I’d had signs of it since then. And the neuro I’d been seeing in 2005–who I’d been told had a good reputation–should have caught it, rather than blowing the report of “demyelination” off as […]

almost there!


In a few short days, I will be able to say that I have survived spring quarter… and I mean that literally! Tomorrow morning, i give the last final for the quarter. Students loosely use the term “surviving” the quarter… some of them truly mean it, in their tight budgets (I see it, in their […]

settling down


After my past few months of nightmares (2 abdominal surgeries–the second one unexpected and major–followed by odd symptoms, which were related to the second surgery, which led to a third surgery) I seem to be bouncing back rather quickly! Part of it stems from knowing what I do… I decided, shortly after Surgery 3, that […]

Recently, I came across the following article: How To Live Your Everyday Life With A Vacation Mindset As someone with a chronic illness, and now coping with chronic pain and another potential chronic illness, it’s frustrating to not be able to plan travel as I once did. I’m always looking ahead to the day when […]

flu shot


Every Friday this quarter, I’ve had a discussion session (for points) with my health students on a topic, controversial at times. We have a big international student population, and one of my goals for a non-majors class is to get them to talk in an educated manner about health, to be able to hold a […]

Ah, June. Barely noticed you started. I’ve been busy holding my body together, and seeing if I can put together a last few lectures of the quarter for my classes. it’s a time for sunnier weather and longer days (yay! That part, I’ve noticed), but it’s also a time when a lot of us–teachers like […]

eat real food.


Recently, in my nutrition class, it came to my attention how much people are still concerned with calories. Yes, I have a limited sample (mostly 18-22 year olds), but it’s a fair representation of people who are coming of age. I’ve been trying to impress into them the idea that if you eat real food […]

(happy June!) Recently I was talking with someone close to me about a project idea for the summer (less teaching for me = more time), another one of these projects that I hope would contribute a lot to the MS community. I haven’t fleshed out a lot of the details, which is why I’ve been […]