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I’m not usually one to jump on nutritional bandwagons. And I’ve been hearing about “gluten free” this, that, the other for what seems like eons now. I have a friend with bona fide celiac disease (gluten allergy) who must eat gluten free, or suffer the consequences, but all the others who eat gluten free? Is […]

MS is a fantastic teacher. Many of us have gone through the “what if”s with our disease: if only we’d noticed a particular vague symptom and gotten it checked out, maybe we would’ve started meds earlier and been better off; if only our doctors had been more thorough in checking us out; and so on. […]

I was just poking around online, and while I’m not a great fan of Dr. Oz, I think he gives a great description of the basics of MS. You can watch the video here, where he also briefly interviews Jack Osbourne (son of Ozzy), another recent diagnosee. Looks like he also has a few more […]

I guess the party is over… I’d always heard about the “flu-like reactions” to Rebif, which is why they suggest injecting it at night so that you can sleep through the side effects. Even the tougher folks I’d talked with, when I started on Rebif last November, told me that when the doctors recommended taking […]



A few days ago, I had my first experience of “overdoing it” with, I’ll guess, my MS and my body. We took a train from my mother-in-law’s house to Manhattan and saw some sights that we hadn’t seen before, and ran around the city visiting friends here, there, and everywhere. The schedule was packed, and […]

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with MS, your world suddenly falls apart. Even for me–I’d been suspecting that I could be walking out of my doctor’s office as a new MS patient last October–it was a tough label to take, and I had some serious depression. (Heck, I still do, sometimes, on bad symptom days.) […]

A problem for many of us with MS is optic neuritis–by definition, this is an inflammation of the optic nerve, but in MS patients, the nerve can become demyelinated. As this nerve provides visual processing, damage can lead to devastating results, and catching any problems early on is important. In fact, many people are initially […]