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Today’s the day! We’re all thinking about things we’re going to change in the new year–do better, do differently, some so drastically that the resolution won’t stick beyond two weeks. But I’ve done that post already. So it doesn’t make sense for me to revisit a major list of things to change. (You can think […]

A few days ago, I started writing up my annual review, in the style of a few other bloggers. My first post only addressed travel, which is a high priority in my life. (I’ll admit it also gave me a few days to procrastinate on the other points…) So, what went well this year? Surviving […]

To the readers of In Search of My New Normal–new and seasoned… Merry Christmas. Best wishes to all of you in the coming year! May all of your wildest dreams come true! And… don’t forget to shoot high. 🙂 We can all do it!

In the tradition of Chris Guillebeau, I’ve been starting to conduct an annual review. What went well this year? What didn’t go well this year? It’s a goalsetting of sorts, but using the reflection as a means of focus and improvement. I’m breaking my review up this year, and starting with one of the biggest […]

Last year, at a Christmas party, I won this large silicone ice cube tray in a gift swap: True, it was a gift, but it sat around for a while, unused. Until just over a month ago, when I started making coconut oil chocolates! Now, depending on who you ask, coconut oil may have many […]

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Heh, it’s sort of funny for me to write a post about “recent” books I’ve liked. As a college instructor always doing new course development and tweaking current courses on top of managing my health, I check books out of the library and frequently end of returning them after one chapter… But here’s a round-up […]

I am in the middle of a long string of several days of teaching fitness classes… mostly an interval-based indoor cycling format. I used to do things like this all the time… multiple classes a day… and it wasn’t so much MS that took me down, but other illnesses (abdominal tumors, surgeries to deal with […]